What you will get

You are very busy. Running your business is really demanding. However one of the key elements of your business, customer retention management requires performing certain highly specialized tasks, like cohort analysis, customer segmentation, creating targeted campaigns and measuring their impacts on your sales. If you don’t have specialized staff you have to purchase expensive tools and learn to operate it. Or you can easily outsource it by us. We offer you 3 services packages:

Basic Analytic Services:

5 €/week per 1 000 customers

for sellers who just want simple export to gain basic insight to their customer behavior

  • weekly tailored cohort analysis
  • basic customer segmentation
  • future sales projection

Advanced Analytic Services:

15 €/week per 1000 customers

for sellers who want deep insight in customer behavior and divide customers into segments and want explore their value

  • all basic analytic services +
  • customer segmentation
  • customer life-time value estimation

Direct Action Support:

25 €/week per 1 000 customers

for sellers who want profoundly understand their customers and run targeted email campaigns in order to increase retention and customer value

  • all advanced analytic services +
  • setting up Mailchimp account for running email campaigns
  • regular reporting about your campaigns impact
  • 3 hours live initial training
  • live coaching up to 3 hours monthly

Customer Life-time Value Boosting:

25 €/week per 1 000 customers + 20 € per campaign

for sellers who want increase their customer retention and value but don't have enough resources to analyze them and run campaigns

  • all advanced analytic services +
  • creating and running professional e-mail campaigns*
  • regular reporting and live briefing
  • marketing consulting* *we provide you all knowledge enabling you to direct and supervise our service

Risk-free, any time money back guarantee.

If you decide we’re not the right service for you, we’ll give you a hassle-free refund. We promise, no hard feelings. Just cancel your account within your first 30-days for a full refund, or anytime after for a prorated refund of unused service after 30-days. It’s that easy.

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